Love Letters For Boyfriends/Girlfriend/Wife/Crush/Husband

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The following are Love Letters For Boyfriends/Girlfriend/Wife/Crush/Husband written by me.

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Love Letters

Onto the beautiful sea shore,
Memories overtook me,
And wishes of making more.
Do you remember this special place?
And the moments we had ?
You made my life that day,

The harvest moon was shining and queer in your hair, and it turned my head. The moon light was full, shinning in its fullest. You were closer than ever to me. The trees danced to it's beat.

It was a beautiful moment that i thought will last forever. My heart was so much in peace. Your told me stories that made me relevant. I was silent admiring all in you.
Beautiful moment shared together.
I loved the way you talked.
Dreaming all night of your dancing steps. Your moves was special.

"Could this be the one" i asked
Fear filled my heart; fears of the unknown.
"I thought you loved me." "No, it was only fun."
I poured my heart to you.
"I loved you. I thought you knew"

You vanished, cause to feel sorrow; made me unhappy. I felt alone in the world.
I lost all,  beautiful future crashed. I never dreamt we will be apart. I was so much in love with your problem. Your presence turned my life around.

You left me in cold hands,  you brought back my sorrows.
Can the pain be healed.
I was saddened.
I felt your absence than ever,
What an incomplete feeling!!

I so much awaited for you to say those words. The closeness was apart. You took a trip far from me.
I was waiting patiently for your arrival.
All i heard was that you have found a home.

Aah i cried,  my heart filled with tears. I prayed it was a lie.
Had my ears closed. I wish the ground can open and swallow me. Beautiful dreams shattered.

"LOST LOVE!! lost love!!" I cried in tears. I caused the day i was born in tears,  what a hard luck.
"Can i have you back" I imagined
You worth more than Gold,  your beauty glows every day.

"All of the emotion a person can feel,  love is the scariest and hardest to heal"
You are gone,  am waiting for you.
Whenever you look back i will always be there for you.

Robin loves you

Love Poem Describing Beauty and Character [Good for Girlfriends]

You are beautiful as the rising of the sun.
You voice has the cool effect of the moon on a starry night.
You are flexible well round at the appropriate quarters.
You are blossoming daily and emanating sweet fragrance.

You are fun to be with though..
Though something you can be as hard as diamond, as cold as snowball.
Yet you remain soft and sweet as honey.
Your voice reminds me of a beautiful nightingale.
You are irresistible, you are unique and you are just you.

The fact that I truly love you is hard for me to explain.
You are the sweetest of all creatures.
You are bold, bright, and beautiful.
My strong willed, strong and confident friend.
So fearless. .   ...

I just want to say.... I love u

Love Poem To send to him or her When you are Feel that Things are Wrong or Getting Apart

I know change is normal, but for the past few months now. I have been wondering what is wrong.
You are just changing from the normal [his or her name] I use to know.

For months now I have been trying to cope with it. Trying to stay a day without remembering you. Which I tried is not possible.

I know friends can be overgrown.
I know friends can be dropped because of situations or circumstances.

Can You just tell me what is wrong?
I guess, I am no longer chatting with that funny gal I use to know.

Love Letter For I Miss You

I missed it..

If I say I didn't miss it at that point am a major liar..
I miss everything, the way you visit, talk - stand and talk for quite a long time, You smiles, holding your hands.

We were becoming acquainted with each other better until the point when the wave blew.

It took away the delight I had, the giggling.

A day can't abandon me recalling u for good, in spite of what people say.

Most circumstances I look over our facebook talk up, read and giggle.

I implied those words when I said I adore and love you,  wasn't a joke

In any case, thought what is love when there is no demonstrate.

No cash to demonstrate it..

Despite the fact that I made the wrong stride, I figured I will execute it... kill it all. Nature never gave me chance. Gave a valiant effort however it didn't exercise.

My oversight that caused me so much agonies and trouble. Would it be able to be revised I ask myself every day.

I wish all lost can be recovered, I wish it will be same way it use to be.

I wish u will reveal to me those words " you are fun, see ur tongue, wahala boy"

Is been long and hell for me


Love Letters

My Beautiful Creature --- Love Peom

Without a doubt you are the most 
beautiful woman I have ever known, 
my heart sighs and sings every time 
I see and think about you my great 
Angel Queen of delight. 

You are the most beautiful woman 
on this earth today or any other time. 
You are the definition of beauty 
in my eyes and mind. 
Your shining eyes and beaming smile, 
long flowing hair and a gorgeous body. 
Topped off with the most important thing 
a beautiful heart and soul with an intelligent mind. 
You are the most beautiful woman my only one. 

I am in awe and pure admiration of 
all the beauty that you are and carry, 
no other can come close to the Angelic 
beauty that you are my sweet lady. 
You're one of a kind and Gods crowning achievement. 
You're the most beautiful woman that can be imagined. 

You truly are the most beautiful woman 
in my eyes and heart, 
everything about you ignites a spark. 
I'm in awe and truly love every part of you, 
you're my Queen and Angel, 
my best friend and true soul mate. 
You're the most beautiful woman I've ever 
known and I want to spend my life with you 
standing at your side hand in hand forever and ever.

Love Poem By Robin

The trees dance to the beat of the breeze
The birds gave me the melody of the season
Life have been better and pleasurable
Great glee and over flow of joy, I wonder what caused it.
Then I remembered that am lost in your eye, you voice heals me. In your arms I found paradise.

Having you on my heart always, drives away my sorrows. From the day I found you, I found myself. I think about you like the clock tick.

When am without you I feel like a block of ice.
I want to kiss your lips and hold you tight. Whenever I see your face it is like a sudden light that found me in my darkness. In you I have life, take it and I die.

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